Make eating better practical and easy.

There's no need for super fancy grocery stores or exclusive ingredients. I believe anything made in your kitchen is automatically healtheir than its factory made counterparts.

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    Everyday Ingredients

    It can be hard to find super fancy ingredients in a lot of places. That's why Feast and Farm uses simple, easy to find ingredients you can get in just about any store, anywhere.

    No fancy gear

    There's a gadet for everything these days but I believe the best food is the simplest. Discover hundreds of recipes built around basic sheet pans, good knives, and solid pots. You really don't need much more!

    A focus on cutting chemicals, not calories

    I believe the additives in our food are leaving us fatigued, fat and frazzled. It's time to bring back a focus on nourishing our bodies with food our grandmothers could recognize.